Touching the Lives of Millions of Indians for more than eight decades.

TTK is committed to providing customers with innovative "value for money" solutions and improving their quality of life.

The name TTK is a reputation built across eight decades; an organization that started out as an indenting agency and grew to what it is today with path-breaking marketing ideas.

TTK was founded in the year 1928 by Shri TT Krishnamachari, who was then the Minister of Commerce in the regime of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Today TTK is an integrated manufacturing and marketing group. While maintaining leadership in specific product categories in India, TTK Gruop reaches out to the world with its core product segments - kitchenware, pharmaceuticals, condoms, medical devices, food products, etc.

TTK group has a turnover of Rs. 40 billion operates across 30 product categories and services with 16 manufacturing units; the group has 12000 employees with its presence in every continent across the globe.

T.T. Jagannathan

T.T. Raghunathan

S. Kalyanaraman
Executive Director (Commercial) & Company Secretary - TTK Healthcare Ltd.

Our Product Portfolio

Prestige cookware, the number one Small Appliance Company in India, has encompassed a range of innovative products for Indian Kitchen, since 40 years.

Woodward's is the undisputed market leader in Gripe Water. Woodward's has been used by mother worldwide for over 150 years and was introduced in Indian by TTK.

Eva range of professional care products bring gentle touch of nature to a woman's life with its range of deodorants, talcum powder, body care lotion, lip care and hand care products.

Good Home, a relatively new entrant comprising of scrubbers, air fresheners, odour removers, and microwave oven cleaners caters to the cleaning and freshening needs of home makers.

TTK forayed into food business in 1985, with its ready-to-fry snack pellets, which was the first of its kind in India. The recent entry into manufacturing of panipuri pellets was an innovative and successful initiative.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance is a stand-alone health insurance company. It has introduced first of its kind - Cigna Global Health Product (CGHP), offering a global coverage for Indian employees travelling across the globe.

TTK protective devices Ltd., the pioneers of condom manufacturing and marketing, is in condom business since 1950s and has contributed substantially to the cause of population control and AIDS prevention.

TTK is awarded the prestigious "National award for the successful commercialisation of indigenous technology of manufacturing heart valves" in 2001 by Government of India. Chitra heart valves have catered to over 75,000 patients in 20 years.

The 3rd Generation New Jersey Knee developed by Dr. Pappas & Dr. Buechel, the pioneers in Knee Replacement System. It is the most advanced model with better product longevity and patients' comfort.

Our Primary Divisions

The Human Pharma of TTK deals with pharmaceutical formulations, both herbal and allopathic, in various therapeutic, segments covering Gynaecologists, Orthopaedists, Cardiologists and General Physicians.

Over the period of years, the division has offered many breakthrough formulations including organic calcium supplements, haematinics, cervical dilators, thrombolytic agents, rejuvenators, multi mineral supplements, liver correctives and pain management products.

TTK Animal Welfare Division is a rapidly growing business unit; established in the year 1982, TTK AWD has made great strides in the animal health segment since then.

The division manufactures and markets a wide range of products for livestock, poultry and companion animal segments.

Animal Welfare Division - Our Credentials

Pioneer in introducing the concept of herbal liver tonics and organic calcium(MCHC) in animal health segment.

Valethamate bromide (Epidosin), Chlorpheniramine maleate (Chloril) and Amikacin (Tamik) brands of TTK have a special place among veterinary practitioners in india.

First time ever in india to promote the concept of skin lipid complex for damaged skin barrier.

First to introduce proteolytic enzyme therapy for pets with the combination on of Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside.